title. we are silently surveilling one another

date. 2016

microscope,1/4 inch television, single channel video (on loop), arduino

We are silently surveilling one another is a microscopically mediated installation that inverts the human-pathogen relationship in response to posthumanist theories that question anthropocentrism. In this installation, the use of microscopes puts the human organism on the slide and offers up a perspective of that humanity as a crawling seething mass, a pathogenic feature in their own right. At the same time as microscopic technology acts as the conduit for a sensory augmentation, media technology is positioned as "the sample". This conjunction feeds the pathogenic positioning of the human animal, questioning how technological modes of communication are complicit with human destructiveness. This work was part of the group show Morbis Artis: Diseases of the Arts, curated by Sean Redmond and Darrin Verhagen.